I finally saw the first couple episodes of TNT’s Men of a Certain Age and I have to say I dig it.  I absolutely love the cast.  Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap & Enterprise) is one of my longtime favorites, I have been impressed with Andre Braugher since back in the day on Homicide, and Ray Romano (co-creator) is a great everyman.

The three are friends since college dealing with the adjustments that come with being in their 40s.  Braugher is married with children.  Romano is separated with children.  Bakula is the lone bachelor holdout.

I am sure it applies to be because I am almost their ages, but it also applies because it is a show about ‘guy talk,’ that isn’t for teenagers.  It is a mature show that deals with mature issues but also remembers to have fun and keep it real.

If you are tired of teeny-boppers, fake reality tv, the whole host of poorly constructed cop shows or thinly-disguised sexual romps with medical settings, give Men of a Certain Age a try.  It is well-written and appeals to both sexes and a variety of age groups.