Wow!  Did James Franco stink up the place presenting at the Oscars or what?  This has to be the worst Oscar show ever.  Anne Hathaway looked brilliant next to Franco, even though she spent the entire night talking about herself.

Supposedly, this is the Academy’s move to appeal to a younger demographic – they must have meant a dumber demographic.

While the celebration of film will always be worth watching, this show had very few moments worth my attention.  Colin Firth‘s acceptance for Best Actor in The King’s Speech was the highlight of the evening.  That, and Randy Newman‘s acceptance for Best Original Song were actually the only two positive notes I remember even though I saw it all.

You can write this down and bank on it though – Franco is done.  Hathaway will likely get the axe as well by association, but James Franco will never host the Oscars again.  Standing there and squinting like a stoner works in Pineapple Express, but not when paying tribute to Hollywood’s royalty.

I will say that the opening sequence where Franco and Hathaway traveled through a dream to learn about all the Best Film nominees was quite fun.