Okay, I tweeted that I wasn’t very impressed with the SuperBowl ads – okay, I have to confess I didn’t see all of them. I was really busy with client work and didn’t even remember to turn it on until the 3rd quarter. Then, I simply started the Tivo and later zipped through the game to watch the commercials.

I found them all posted on Mashable and in between uploads, texting, and various client work – watched the ones I missed. What is the result? There were a few I liked.

Misunderstood – Chevy Cruze

I like old people and it was funny

I also like young people and this was cute:

That’s it though. Most of them were just lame. Sure, the Eminem/Detroit one was interesting, but combined with his Sprite or Burst or whatever drink ad he did, I just kept thinking “sellout.” The Tibet Groupon one was downright insulting and offensive too.