I am loving the way that the use of social media and new media are evolving. Just as you think you have a handle on the best practices, a new twist or idea comes along. I can’t wait to see the next brilliant use. For now, I thought I would point out a couple that I thought were good surrounding the NCAA’s March Madness basketball tournament.

A lot of companies are changing the look of their social pages to reflect America’s attention to college basketball. Reese’s has done a makeover on their facebook page.

The re-do of the facebook presence (along with the chance to win a million bucks) has boosted their attention. A lot of savvy marketers are doing the same for their brands. You don’t have to toss out a million dollars. Simply associating your brand with something that fans feel passionate about is a big win already.

ESPN has turned tweeting into a game with their Tournament of Tweets. In it, you tweet your team’s hashtag (#Texas etc. along with #MM2011) to add to your team’s score. It is getting a lot of attention from the fans and once again building some brand equity and trust for ESPN.

There are great examples everyday of how companies are taking advantage of this marketing opportunity. Are you?