Okay, so it is natural to slip when transitioning your diet from the high-fat, high-processed, high-sugar junk – so I guess I am not a complete failure.

I went to see my doctor last night and felt like a nervous kid going to confession. I blurted out, “I totally blew it today with a coke and french fries!” He just sorta chuckled and said, “well how did it feel?”

It seemed he was expecting me to say how horrible it was and that it felt bad… uh, I cannot lie. While it didn’t fill any particular craving, it didn’t make me feel poor either.

I know it doesn’t sound very impressive to those of you who already have decent diets, but the fact that I had broccoli and zucchini at lunch the other day was HUGE to me. Seriously, I used to be unable to stomach any veggies, but I didn’t mind them at all. Nope, I wasn’t going, “mmmmm… give me more.” It wasn’t offensive. Trust me – that is a big deal for me.

Long story short, veggies are becoming easier to eat. While I do not crave them – I don’t mind eating them. For some reason though, the hard part for me is the soft drinks. I find myself craving a Coke most afternoons now.

That is a battle I will continue to fight.