I am writing this while sitting at a Barnes & Noble which just happens to have a Starbuck’s attached. Part of the sequence of logging in to use their free WiFi is a welcome screen announcing that you can read free digital comics while at comics courtesy of Marvel. Marvel Digital Comics is offering the freebies along with the ability to read the first three pages of all of their 9,000 titles regardless of where you connect from.

I took a stab and read some of the titles while sitting there and this is not your mother’s comic book. Not only is the artwork crystal clear, the reader is top notch. It doesn’t just show the whole page shrunk down to fit your screen. As you click to advance, it moves you from panel to panel in a manner that is natural. It’s as if you have the comic in your hand. Very cool interface and I can say without a doubt that if I had a hankering for a lot of comic reading, this is how I would do it.