Remember the day when you would get a spam comment on your blog kinda like, “Great post,” or “well said,” and a link to some fast-cash-now scheme? Because the spam catching plugins are getting so much better, these doofs are forced to make their automated postings sound more real. The problem? When you have a machine creating your spam, it still comes out a little sideways.

This spam comment that was posted last night is typical of the ones that have been trying to sneak through lately.

I’ve been surfing on the net much more than three hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It’s pretty worth enough in my opinion. I think, if all webmasters and bloggers made very good content when you did, the online world is going to be much additional useful than previously.

Geez, it almost sounds like a human generated post. The real clue is the overly-flowery prose and praise. “never found any interesting article like yours,” really? The post this comment was attached to was a review of the film Alexander, “Gayus Alexanderus – the gayest Alexander ever.” Yes, that post certainly made the world, “much additional useful than previously.” haha Yeah, the English usage in these comments is usually pretty atrocious.

Anyway, it entertained me and for that, I thank the spam community.

It was still caught by the spam detection software. πŸ™‚