Okay, so I finally broke down and used the WordPress app. I have had it for months, but didn’t want to go through the task of setting up the blog(s) and learn the interface.

The setup was breezy. The interface was a snap. It was actually looking like something I would use regularly. Well, that was until I posted the previous entry.

All was fine and good – what a valuable way to use ‘downtime’ to update the blog. I posted the entry about the bike race in race and thought it would be nice to post a picture. (We all know that blog posts with pictures are much more interesting.)

I surfed to a website (still using my iPhone,) found an appropriate picture and discovered I could not add an image the blog entry. Sure, it gave me an option to do so, but kept failing on the upload. Fail.

Maybe I am doing something wrong? Is anyone out there using the WordPress plugin for the iPhone and successfully posting images to their entries? I will keep trying, but for now – I am pretty disappointed.