Everyone talks about all the amazing phone apps and I am right there with them.  Sure, I love the fact that I can do client work “on the go.”  Sure, I love the fact that I can find movie times & nearby restaurants at a moments notice.  Sure, I love being able to stream music, map my cycling rides, capture great photos and video, find free wifi hotspots, check my calendar and even find a nearby geocache – but GasBuddy is the only one that is saving me money.

I am talking serious savings here.  On two recent occasions, I was running low on petrol and opened the app to discover a HUGE disparity in nearby prices.  Sure, we all have seen a penny or two different a block away, but GasBuddy is making it obvious how large the difference really are.  In Austin a week ago, I did a quick search while coming out of REI and save that by driving 7/10th of a mile I could save 13 cents per gallon!  I did, and I did!  Just this week, I saw a saving of 16 cents per gallon just a half mile away in San Marcos.

I used to be one that just filled up at the convenience store of preference – but now, I pop open the app and go for the best price.

Oh yeah, the app relies on people updating gas prices so I do my part while waiting for the tank to fill.  Each update you send through the app earns you tokens toward prize and cash drawings.