Le Tour is underway once again and it has a couple of new twists.

  1. Instead of a prologue time trial to begin, this year’s race begins with a true road race. As pointed out by the VS. television crew, this means that anyone can lead after day one.
  2. Speaking of the television crew for VS, once again they have broken up the foursome we are finally used to. Craig Hummer is no longer in the booth with Phil, Paul & Bobke. The trio instead is joined by newcomer, Liam McHugh. He has a excellent voice and a good personality. I think he will fit in quickly. Hummer has made the transition to field reporter and I expect him to show up via remote packages recorded along the way.

Starting along the Atlantic coast at Passage du Gois, a road partially submerged twice a day by the tide,and finishing atop a 2KM climb at Mont des Alouettes, this inaugural route has it all!

I look forward to another great tour.  I look forward to a very large number of strong American riders winning some stages and playing major roles.  (Four American teams are in this year’s race)

Andy Schleck is my early favorite but who knows?  Three weeks, 2,000+ miles, twists, turns, mountains, and time trials  – it is going to be a great tour!