Longtime friends know that there are two culinary treats I investigate every chance I get.  No matter where my travels take me, I test the local barbecue and chicken fried steak.   In my quest for the absolute best of each, I have found my Mecca for barbecue (I have a best for each of the big three –  brisket, ribs & sausage), but never settled on the best chicken fried steak.  That search is over.

The problem with trying to find the “best” chicken fried steak is that there are too many factors for any one location to be the clear winner.  You have to have each of the following:

  • Country gravy
  • Batter
  • Steak
  • Mashed potatoes

Most places can do one or even two right but not all four.  You can hide a poor cut of meat with great batter and some excellent gravy.  You can even forgive the mashed potatoes if the other ingredients measure up.  In my many years and hundreds of plate-sized offerings,  I have been happy with many, but not ecstatic until now.  The Gristmill in New Braunfels has done it!

The sad thing is that we have been coming to the Gristmill for a couple years now and I was always so in love with the sausage that I had never tried the chicken fried until now!

The gravy is a great off-white country gravy with tons of flavor.  The steak itself is tender and tasty.  The breading is hug-your-grandma good.  The mashed potatoes are real and lumpy – what a perfect meal!