I’ve seen them in email before, but never in gmail chat.  Imagine by surprise and amusement when this showed up on chat this morning.  PatriotWorld is a podcast created by one of pioneers of the podcast game Karen Cadoza.  No, she is not attempting to scam money from anyone, her gmail was hacked.   Below is the transcript:


patriotworld:how are you doing today ?
me:Getting ready for some football

patriotworld:am not good at all
me:sorry to hear

patriotworld:where are u right now?

patriotworld:i need your help right now
me:whats up?

patriotworld:am stuck in spain got mugged at the un point last night all cash and credit card phone got stolen away from me
me:I hate when that happens.  Send me the bank account you want me to wire cash.

patriotworld:you can send it to my name
me:tell me more

patriotworld:via western union
me:okay – need the details because I have to go

send it to my name and current location

patriotworld:Madrid, Spain
me:What is your name and current location?

patriotworld:u already knw my name
you can wire it to my name
and current location is Madrid, Spain
like how many minutes should i be hanging on here to received the details from u ?
me:15 minutes

Really?  Do you think they get people to go along with that?  I decided to go on and have a little fun after that.

patriotworld:all i owe is just 1310 euro
How soon will you get it wired?
so my mind can be at rest for a while
me:You have to know I have always loved you, right?
patriotworld: yes
i cant just beliee all this is happenin at the moment but am glad you are there to help me out
me: Why don’t I just fly there now?  We can be together and I will cover your expenses and the flight back.
how soon will you have it done

me: I have called the airport and they are prepping my plane now.  Where are you staying, I will send a courier to give you cash and pick you up.
I am guessing that mine will be hacked soon since I gave them a hard time.  So if you get any requests to send me money in Europe, Asia, anywhere but Wimberley, Texas – it is a hoax.