As you know, I keep no secrets – I am totally out there with everything.  Imagine how difficult it was for me to keep our 2012 Carnival cruise vacation a secret.  Not just from the kids, who we totally surprised, but from everyone.  Dawn feared that my free talking would get back to the kids and ruin it so I was officially told that NOBODY could know about it.  Okay, well maybe I didn’t keep it from everyone, but I kept it from the folks that might accidentally post it on facebook or something.

That said, it is over and now I can talk.  I am not going to go into much detail right now because we just got home and there is a lot I have to catch up on.  I did want to throw a photo up here quick to tease about what will be coming in future posts.

This is the first morning at sea.  I got up early to go work out in the spa and fitness center and snapped this on the way.

Carnival cruise from Galveston to Cancun/Cozumel Mexico.

It was a fun time and as I mentioned, I will be posting more photos and tell some of the stories after I catchup from the backlog created by my absence.