Fresh Media Works

I was just doing some filing and my stapler ran out of staples.  I opened it up to refill and saw it has aged.  That got me thinking about how old my trusty Swingline stapler actually is.  I think this one is about fifteen years old and although I have several others, (I sorta have a thing for office supplies) this one never lets me down.

I have been using this style – the big muckin’ commercial grade Swingline stapler for the better part of 30 years.  They are just that good!  They have seen the rise of dozens of companies, hundreds of employees, expansion, retraction, brilliant ventures and ill-fated ideas.  They are there through it all.  How many things that we buy are that dependable?

Sometimes you have to take a second and appreciate the things that are not flashy, not the lasted, not the fastest – just dependable.  Thank you Swingline!