If you have not read Seth Godin’s book, “Linchpin” it is an interesting read that I recommend picking up. I am not looking to do a book review here, but let me simplify the concept of a linchpin in business. A linchpin in someone that comes into a disheveled situation and makes sense and order of the chaos.

Are you that type? Can you settle the nerves of those around you? Can you slow the panic and return rational thinking to a crisis? Chances are if you’ve achieved any success at all, you have some of the linchpin attributes in you.

It was in reading this book that I realized this is largely what I am paid for as a marketing expert. It is not just the fact that I have my finger on the pulse of which media outlets provide the best return on investment, it is often more the fact that I can take a look at my client’s shotgun approach to marketing and create some order and focus to the plan.