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Your Elevator Pitch – Powerful & Effective

Welcome to Marketing Mastery!
In each of these newsletters, we bring you the absolute best information about marketing your business.  The bottom line is that you want new customers and you want more business from your existing customers.

We at Fresh Media Works know that EVERYTHING you do is marketing and ALL of your success comes down to your ability to convince the world your products or services are worth their money.

Here are the components of a great elevator speech:

  1. Brevity – You should not be talking for more than 60 seconds. Yes, really.
  2. Clarity – Do not use industry jargon. You will confuse the listener and make him less likely to ask follow-up questions. Use everyday language and explain it like you would to a 8-year old. This is not condescending. It is simplified and concise.
  3. A Story – Use language that paints a picture. And in this picture, you and your business are riding in on the proverbial white horse to solve a business problem for your client, making their business better and more profitable. You/your business are the answer to their business prayers.
  4. Be authentic – This is probably the most important.  If you come across like the proverbial used car salesman, people will sniff it out fast and tune you out.

Tell your story, keep it short, keep it easy and paint a real story of your company.

How best to prepare to deliver a great elevator speech:

  1. Practice, practice, practice – You can take notes on 3×5 cards to give yourself talking points and then practice reeling off the information when prompted by someone practicing with you
  2. Use video – Seriously, record yourself.  Try filming yourself going through your elevator speech a few times and then WATCH the results.  You will be surprised at how much it will help.  Do so repeatedly a few days/weeks apart and see how much better you get.

It will not be perfect at first, but it will get better if you work on it.

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