Chris DoelleI am taking stock in a lot of things recently and have come to a few decisions:

  1. I intend to drop the 14 pounds I have gained since marriage.
  2. I intend to lower my blood pressure
  3. I intend to go beyond the initial weight loss to my new goal of 180lbs
  4. I intend to try eating much healthier
  5. I intend to exercise some every day
  6. I intend to cut out all fast food
  7. I intend to cut out all sodas

To begin, I emptied my house of all sodas.  In the past I would have just decided to drink what was left, but not purchase any more.  That was not drastic enough.  I emptied.

As this thing progresses, I will lock down more of an exact plan.  Right now, I just needed a place to start.

What is the weight situation?  I was at an all-time high of 244lbs in the middle of 2008.  I got on a health kick and did a few things:

  • Stopped drinking sodas
  • Started riding my bike again
  • Started doing the P90X exercise system

The net result was a 50 pound weight loss.  When I got married in 2009, I weighed in at 193lbs.  Since that time, I have gained back 14 pounds and weighed in today at 207.


  • 1 Days since I drank a soda

  • 2 Days since I ate fast food

  • 0 Pounds lost

  • 0 Consecutive days of exercise

  • 1 Consecutive days of drinking 8 glasses of water or more