Chris Doelle

Okay, I changed a few things.  Other than just exercise and stop drinking soft drinks, I have taken some of the ideas in The 4-Hour Body to heart.  One of the things I really took to heart was changing my snack of choice to baby carrots.  While Ferriss, in the book, claims that snacking is purely psychological (and I agree,) it keeps me happy and feeling much better than when I used to down a bag of chips.

I have also started using P90X again, but not every day.  Right now, I am looking at doing it every other day with cycling filling in the remaining days.

The progress is slow thus far mainly because I really didn’t get started on the P90X or the 4-Hour Body until just a day ago.  I feel confident that I will start showing some solid results.


  • 0 Days since I drank a soda
  • 3 Days since I ate fast food
  • 4 Pounds lost (203 now)
  • 5 Consecutive days of exercise
  • 24 Consecutive days of drinking 8 glasses of water or more