Chris Doelle

It is that time again.  Time to update you on my progress on Project Koru.  By now, if you haven’t went and googled it, you are wondering what “koru” is.  Well it is a Māori symbol or shape that is folded, coiled or looped and the meaning is symbolic of new life, new beginnings and growth.

What I’m going for here is a new beginning in terms of health and wellness.  I haven’t locked down a strict regimen yet of the changes I intend to make other than to be healthy both mentally and physically.

I have found that my greatest successes in life come when I have the support of a peer group.  To do that, I have to put it out there and make myself accountable.  These updates are me checking in with my support group (you.)

From time to time, you will see me report on positive things, but I will not shy away from reporting on my missteps as well.  You not only have my permission, but I am asking that you do your part and cheer me when I succeed and yes, kick my butt when I slack off.


  • 0 Days since I drank a soda

  • 1 Days since I ate fast food

  • 4 Pounds lost (203 now)

  • 2 Consecutive days of exercise

  • 11 Consecutive days of drinking 8 glasses of water or more