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Everyone is talking about “the cloud.”  What is it?  Can it help you?

The term “the cloud” refers simply to storing data online.   Rather than storing things like pictures, spreadsheets, word processor documents etc. locally on your own computer, the trend is to store things on the cloud.

Why?  The main reason is for redundancy and backup.  When you store a digital photo or recipe on your computer, there is a danger of losing it if something happens to your computer.  Theoretically, when you store the same things on the cloud, the data is stored on secure servers with redundant backups and other fail-safes built in.  If you computer crashes, no big deal – just connect your new one to the the internet and pull your data off the cloud.

The other big benefit is the ability to reach your data from anywhere AND on different computers.  I do a lot of creative design work in Photoshop, Illustrator etc. but used to struggle with figuring out on which computer the latest version of that logo was stored.  Now, with cloud computing, I work on files stored at my DropBox account from the desktop at the office, my laptop at Starbucks or anywhere.  I always have access to the latest version of the same file at each of those locations.

There are a ton of other applications for the cloud, but thought we should start with the basic idea of storing files.  How do you get stuff on the cloud?  You can sign up (for FREE) to the top services and start using the cloud today.  Here are the two I use along with how much free storage you are allowed.

DropBox – You start with 2GB of free space, but can earn a lot more by referring to others (like I’ m doing when you signup with this link!) I have over 25GB free right now!
Google Drive – 5GB free

I use both of them – one for personal and one for business.

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