Chris Doelle

One of the first (and most important) aspects of any life/health change is measurement.  Rather than go overboard with facts and figures, it is best to start off simple.  You could just go by weight, but it is such a small piece of the equation.

My focus now will be on body recomposition instead of weight because losing 20 pounds wouldn’t look or feel as good as losing 15 pounds of fat and gaining 5 pounds of muscle (net weight loss of only 10 pounds.)

One of the few measurements I took was what is called my Total Inches measurement (TI.)  That is simply measuring myself at the waist, hips, each thigh and each bicep (unflexed.)  In that measurement, I started out with a TI of 156.5 – the new measurement is 161.75.

I know those numbers by themselves don’t mean anything, because I could have just gotten a huge gut in that time.  Let me assure you that they right ones are moving in the right direction.  If fact, I will post them here in my progress tracking.


  • 1 Days since I drank a soda
  • 20 Days since I ate fast food
  • 6 Pounds lost (201 now)
  • 4 Consecutive days of exercise
  • 41 Consecutive days of drinking 8 glasses of water or more
  • +0.5 inches – left bicep
  • +0.0 inches – right bicep
  • +0.0 inches – waist
  • +0.0 inches – hips
  • +2.5 inches – left thigh
  • +2.25 inches – right thigh

Once there is some real noticeable change, I will post my ‘before’ photos.  They are way too embarrassing right now, but after things start looking better, they will be a source of pride.