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Google AdWords – the real skinny.

230px-Dollar_symbol_gold.svgIf you want to start a fight in the marketing world, all you have to do is mention Google AdWords.  There is one camp that claims AdWords IS the internet and that any other type of marketing is folly.  There is another camp that claims AdWords is a giant money-sink that will only work for people with huge budgets.  As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

While marketing using AdWords without a solid gameplan IS folly, it CAN be done without breaking the bank.  There are a few things to you need to know:

  • The Ad – unless you are Coca-Cola or Miller, simply putting your company name and number do NOT work.  Your ad must be compelling with a call to action
  • The Landing Page – ideally you send each ad to a different landing page so you can test which work better.  Then, you MUST have a compelling call to action on the landing page to convert.
  • The Product – it sounds basic, but your product or service MUST solve a problem that relates to the kewords you used to attract visitors.
  • Track your results – give the campaign enough time to get real numbers (a week won’t do it) and then make sure you track and tweak.  Trash what isn’t working and push harder on things that have a good return.

That isn’t to say that you cannot get found without AdWords.  If you are what a searcher is looking for, you will come up.  AdWords is a great supplement to a well positioned website and if done correctly, can improve your marketing results.  If done haphazard, can be a total waste of money.

Use Local Directories – improve local search results

By now you know that all search is now local search. That is to say that when you search for “plumber” and you are on a computer in Austin, Texas – the top results will be plumbers from the Austin area. Google has fundamentally changed search and made proximity much more important.  How do you take advantage of this? (read more)

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