Lays chicken & waffles chips, bet you CAN eat just one, chris doelle, marketing, austin, texasOkay, first I have to credit Logan with the title of this post.  It was his response to Lays new Chicken & Waffles potato chips.

Long time readers know that I am a sucker for new and interesting flavors of chips.  When Dawn and I saw an ad for the Chicken & Waffles chips we were intrigued.  I saw them at a convenience store today and the boys and I decided to do a taste test.

The first time you bite into one, you are amazed by how much they actually do taste like chicken and waffles… even down to the maple syrup.  The problem is that about the time you are into your third chip you realize that it isn’t a great flavor for potato chips.

The net result is that we had some fun but between the three of us could bring ourselves to eat more than a couple.  That was when Logan quipped, “You actually CAN eat just one of these.”  Of course my response was, “I am so going to steal that for my blog post.”

Good times… not so great chips.