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Welcome to your CMO Report
As your virtual Chief Marketing Officer, I bring you the absolute best information about marketing your business. This time I am going to talk a bit about blogging as it relates to business.

pinterest for businessWe are hit by another “big deal” social media site just about every other week and each time, we hear how they are going to “change everything.”  Okay, so why do you need to do Pinterest?  The real answer is… you don’t!

That isn’t to say that there is no business use for Pinterest.  Rather there is a HUGE business use for Pinterest.  The key is they type of business.

What type of business should use Pinterest?

  • If you sell products or services for B2C (business to consumer, rather than business to business.)
  • Your target audience is primarily women aged 25 to 54 (in March 2012 72% of Pinterest users were women and 79% of all Pinterest users were aged 25 – 54)
  • Your product or service is very visual by nature. (all products fall into this category and any service business that creates something visual – artists, architects, builders,etc.)

In short, Pinterest is simply an image sharing social media site.  They say ” a picture tells a thousand words,” and it’s true.  You can do a better job of convincing someone how cool your new t-shirt design is with a photo than via text or audio.  That is the reason this is such a good site for companies selling visual products and services.

The other HUGE fact that makes Pinterest so valuable is that more-so than any other social media site, the users on Pinterest are BUYERS!    You can post the same picture to Facebook and Pinterest and sales generated here will dwarf those of Facebook.

Set up your account – start playing around – check out these Pinterest Boards

Little Texas Cottage Pinterest board

Fresh Media Works Pinterest board

Texas High School Football Pinterest board

As usual, if you have questions about this or any other marketing, do not hesitate to call.  In the meantime, Happy Pinning!

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