zombie chris doelle picmonkeyI love when I discover a cool internet tool and PicMonkey is one of the coolest.   It is a super powerful, yet super simple way to edit photos quickly.  I have Photoshop on all my computers so generally use that, but occasionally I am working on a client’s system or someone else’s and can’t access my Adobe stuff.  PicMonkey to the rescue.

Not only can you do some really powerful editing, but it is all web-based so you can use it easily and turn out a pretty wide choice of effects,fonts, backgrounds etc. all FREE.  Okay, so there are some features that cost extra, but the bulk is available without any cost.

I edited this in just a few minutes using the Zombies editing theme set (bottom pic).  Sure, a happy zombie is not the best choice I could have made for this sample  but, lest you think this is all about just applying a few overused effects, PicMonkey has a bunch of real world effects (ala Instagram) as well as great font features.

Look for PicMonkey edited graphics to start showing up here more often as I dig into the interface further.

Fun stuff!