Me and Mom at Symphony

Me and Mom at Symphony (2009)

I was walking out of the Wimberley Post Office this morning and an older woman was coming out not far behind.  I spun around and held the door for her to go through.  She smiled and said, “Your mama raised a nice young man… you thank her for that.”

I got a big grin and told her, “Thank you.  She is the best mom in the world.”

“That says it all right there,” she answered as she went to her car.

I drove back to the office smiling and enjoying the “warm fuzzies” exchanged in the conversation.  Once there I, of course, called my mom and told her of the encounter.  As usual, we had a great talk and I couldn’t help but feel gratitude not only for such a great mom, but for kindly people who go out of their way to say something nice.

Life is good… just sayin’