I have had several weeks now to check out iOS 7 and it is time to weigh in publicly.

My first impression is that Apple is trying hard to follow the Windows 8 “look & feel,” and that is disappointing.  This move to following and not leading is a bad sign for Apple.  I can see now why they are stockpiling so much cash.  (I heard a recent report that Apple is sitting on 10% of ALL the cash in the business world now!)

Before (left) and After (right) icons:

ios7 vs ios 6

Here are my list of troubles with the new iOS:

  • All of the icons look much more rudimentary.  The move to primary colors is not at all sleek, just cheesier.
  • My Bluetooth connection on my car has become unusable.  In the past, it would automatically sync and my controls for play, skip,etc. worked great.  Now, the connection still works great but I have to control the thing from my iPhone.  That really takes away the functionality (and safety) of controlling my audio hands free on my steering wheel
  • Things seem to hang more often.  Programs that never gave me trouble before are not taking forever to load or just kicking me out after trying too long.
  • The podcasts too are majorly screwed up.  I used to be able to delete episodes I have listened to and not see them in my list in iTunes.  Now, they ALL show up with a little cloud icon letting me know I can download them.  They used to show up once when you first subscribed and then disappear when deleted.  Now, I have no way of knowing if I have heard an episode or just not downloaded it.  Not very useful.
  • So many of the programs have followed in the move to primary, simple look and they are just ugly.

Okay, none of them are big deals and my going off isn’t going to change anything.  I just wanted to share.