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Do what is right, not what is popular – Chris Doelle

More and more I’ve been looking at everything we have in this country with utter amazement.  While watching Logan perform at a band competition in Austin, it again dawned on me just how rich we are in America.  The fact that, for fun, we drive 50 miles burning expensive gas in our expensive vehicles and sit in a comfortable stadium that cost in excess of $55 million dollars and watch our kids play expensive instruments in expensive uniforms while the vendors sell us expensive crap, was just the latest in my awakening.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we should feel guilt about all we have, but we darn sure should appreciate it.

I’m working on hiring an assistant and that too is cause for surprise.

This is supposed to be a “bad economy.”  That would imply to me that we should work harder, apply ourselves more and make our efforts stand out that much more, to make sure we take care of ourselves and our families.

I posted an ad just two places because I really only need one part-time person.   The response was great!  Within two days I received no less than 30 resumes with enthusiastic cover letters.  I did receive a half-dozen response without a résumé and a simple response like, “I’m interested in the job.”  (Needless to say, I did not follow-up with those.)

I attempted to set up fifteen (15) appointments within the first week.  The plan was to meet a few and see what “feel” I get meeting them face-to-face.

  • Seven never returned the phone call (47%!!)
  • Four didn’t show up to the meeting nor call to cancel
  • One called two minutes before the meeting and said she couldn’t make it
  • Three showed up to the meeting (20% – that is crazy!)

Of the three that showed up for the meeting, one seemed put out by the idea of doing any real work so wasn’t invited back.  The other two both looked like good people and a good fit.

I have more meetings this week and more resumes to go through, but I will give the first two a trial run and see if it works out.  The surprising thing to me is just how “oh well” people are about jobs.  I mean, I know this is not $100K a year – but neither was my first job and I showed up early and worked hard.

It’s not just us… look at our government – they are every bit as corrupt as were the “leaders” of Rome.   We complain about them, but do nothing.  We post rants on Facebook accusing the “other side” as the problem and ignore the plank in our own eye.

I am not one to join the whiners and complain because there is something we CAN do.  Actually, it all comes down to personal accountability.  Own your choices, stand up and admit when you make mistakes and more importantly, fight for, and do, what was is right – not what is popular.  As parents, we can have the greatest impact on society by instilling in our children these values.  Hold ourselves to these standards.  Hold our kids to these standards.  Hold our leaders to these standards.