I really liked the 1984 surprise hit Red Dawn and was quite skeptical about the recent remake.  THIS Red Dawn was a seriously bad film.  I thought with Chris Hemsworth playing the lead role, it would be pretty decent, but uh… not so much.  This was a classic “pay-day” film like I talk about often – when an actor decides to cash in on his popularity (ThorThe Avengers etc.) and churn something out while he’s hot.

red-dawn-movie-poster-2012-1020752402Sure, Hemsworth did a fine job and was quite believable as the older brother leading a rag-tag band of kids against the “this time” North Korean invaders.  Sure, there was a lot of action, explosions and crashing.  Frankly, that was the thing I was hoping for.

I was hoping for a poor film with some fun action that made it forgivable.  The problem is that it was shot in such a confusing way that there were times when you couldn’t tell who was shooting, who got shot, what direction characters were running etc…  It was tough to watch.

It’s a shame that even though I expected a craptacularly lame movie, (and was actually looking forward to it,) I didn’t even get that.

RATING 3 out of 10
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