Chris DoelleYou may remember about this time last year, I embarked on what I called Project Koru (As I explained back then, it is a Māori symbol or shape that is folded, coiled or looped and the meaning is symbolic of new life, new beginnings and growth.)

It once again “on like Donkey Kong.”  I did my opening measurements and I actually weigh one pound less than I did when I quit tracking things and my TI (Total Inches – 160.5) measurement is nearly identical.

The plan is to once again, stop all soft drinks and just try to pay attention to what is going down the pie hole.  I will attempt to keep things updated here from time to time, but won’t be so obsessive about it that I lose interest.

The goal, in addition to getting in better shape, is to show that you can get the body you want by doing just a few simple things every day.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Most people jump into a fitness regimen and a starvation diet of food they can’t stand and wonder why they can’t stick with it.

It can be done.  I haven’t gotten where I ultimately want to be yet, but I have managed to not gain in the last year and haven’t been tracking, dieting or busting it to workout videos.  It can be done.