A lot of you have heard about our latest venture – Little Texas Cottage.  It is the story of building our family home… our little Texas Cottage.  Unlike other home building blogs you may have seen, this one has some very unique and uber-cool aspects.

  • The house will be traditional – nothing fancy or whacko… just a simple cottage style home or as Dawn calls it, “Grandma’s house.”

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  • The house will be as close to net zero as we can make it.  That means it will actually be super energy-efficient and not just pay lip service to building “green.”
  • The house will take advantage of the latest technologies.
  • The house will appear to be just another normal house in a normal subdivision.
  • Dawn will be in charge of every aspect of the look of the house as she has designed this house in a huge binder she has put together over the past 15 years.
  • I will be in charge of the business aspect and telling “the story” of how we pull off our dream home.
  • I will be promoting the heck out of all the people who play a positive role in project.
  • I will not hesitate to rip the people who don’t live up to commitments, don’t deliver on time or somehow come up short.
  • We will try to take pictures, video and audio along the way and post everything to the Little Texas Cottage website.

Join us for the ride by jumping over to the website www.littletexascottage.com or signing up for the newsletter that will keep you up to date as the journey continues.