Mick-FoleyI read this book several years ago and just happened across it on Goodreads.  After seeing the cover, a flood of memories came back as I devoured the book in just a couple of sittings when I found myself with a copy.  I never would have thought to purchase a book like this, but as it turns out… I’m glad it jumped out at me from the library shelf that day.

I have never been a huge wrasslin’ fan.  Sure, it was entertaining for the sheer “good guy” vs “bad guy” aspect.  Even when I was watching on occasion,  I always thought of Mick Foley’s in-ring characters as very odd and not all that interesting.  That was, until I read this book.

Once you know the man behind the mask and sweatpants, you sort of form a bond with him.  When you hear just went he went through to reach levels nobody felt he had to right to dream, you walk away impressed.

His writing style is very easygoing and the stories he tells are just so darn interesting.

If you are a casual fan of “sports entertainment” you will like this book.  It is a good read.  It was published back in 2002 so you can pick it up dirt cheap (like 1 cent) on Amazon!