I meant to read this book for over a year and finally got around to it after finding an unabridged audio version.  It was everything I expected and more.

I have read several books on the Google story and while I enjoyed each, this one seemed to have more “meat.”

Steven Levy did a great job of taking me from the start-up days through to the present.  His unprecedented access behind the curtain of the “great and powerful Google,” is eye-opening.  Levy doesn’t shirk his responsibility by trading his access for silence concerning Google missteps in social media, China and yes – even  information tracking and sharing.

If you like a solid non-fiction book that does a great job of explaining “googliness” and all its passionate drive to be the absolutely best, you will love this.  If you come away with a broader understanding of just how big this company is and just how powerful they are, that is not the worst thing either.

Good stuff.

by Chris Doelle