The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and AchievementI have to say The Social Animal is a tough to “get into.”  I have it in audio format as I like to turn drive time into “audio reading” time.  I started this book four times and just a few minutes in each time, I shut it off and started a different book.

This time (attempt #5) I decided to wade through as far as I could. The audio is over 16 hours so I figured I could put in a couple of hours.

Well, two hours in and I am just not sure yet.  Sure, it had some interesting stuff but as one of my majors at university was Psychology, I really haven’t heard anything new.  I really wanted to like this book, but anyone with a slightly better than average grasp of human interaction will find nothing new.

If you know little of the subject and want to learn more, this book could be a course textbook.  It is good – just not that interesting to me as I have read dozens of books on the subject and feel beyond this.