2014 Book Goal: 52 (mostly non-fiction)
2014 Books Read: 6 (67% non-fiction)

the giverI found The Giver on a list of books that are going to be movies this year and thought I’d give it a read.  The title was just vague enough to piqué my curiosity as I had no idea even of the genre.  I figured that as it was going to be a movie starring it couldn’t be all that bad.

It was an interesting story of a boy, Jonas, in a utopian society that reveals itself to be the opposite the more you delved in.  The story revolves around the lead character discovering this perfect world is actually very dystopian.  Intrigued by the sci-fi angle, I was hooked.  This unique take and interesting characters made it a good read.

It is not high-brow or heavy, it is just plain old story telling.  Sure, it isn’t a book that will change your life or change your world view – just entertain you for a little while.  It’s a simple book, but a good distraction.

I hope they do a good job with the movie as I can see it being a good night out with the family.