Ever since I read and reviewed the book Salt Sugar Fat I have really been down on the world’s food producers.  That book really opens your eyes about the lengths these companies go to in order to increase sales.

When you take that information and combine it with this infographic that made the rounds a year or so back, you just sort of walk away feeling there isn’t much you can do. These are the 10 companies that control the majority of what you buy. (click to view full image)

The 10 Corporations That Control Almost Everything You BuyBut you know what?  There is something we can do.  You know I’m not one of these guys that that feels we’ve got to be perfect or  we’ve got to eat only raw food.  But there are some things we can do.

What I plan to do is to try to eat better.  There are some choices we can make.  We can eat bananas and apples instead of chips and candy bars.  We can eat smaller portions.  We can grow our own vegetables and eat them in-season rather than pumped full of preservatives to survive the trip from overseas to our shelves.  For things we don’t grow, we can trade with local growers with other crops.  We can eat non-feedlot beef.  We can raise chickens and take advantage of the bounty of eggs.  There is plenty we can do.

I’m sure I’m going to fall short at times… when the opportunity for a chili cheese dog comes up I will probably take it – but not every time.  I’m not going to pretend that I’m going to have this revolutionary change in my diet I’m just going to try to eat better and try to help be a force for bringing good things into the house.

For example, I would love to have more fish in the house.  I love fish and it’s healthy (as long as you prepare it well.)  I just love some white fish, or salmon with asparagus and maybe some red potatoes.  That is a meal that not only satisfies the taste buds, but is healthy.

So the goal is to try to eliminate some of the GMO (genetically modified) food – some of the highly processed foods.  Dawn has experience with making bread from grinding her own wheat and she has talked about doing that.   I would love to try that and actually participate in the creation.  It has to taste better than the so-called “enriched flour” is in our current bread supply.

I must admit that as I write this, I am eating cookies.  Baby steps.  🙂