Dawn treated us to homemade bread.  I’m not just talking about throwing the ingredients from the store together… these loaves started with whole wheat that was ground up and made into flour.  I’m talking about some seriously fresh and seriously homemade goodness.

I had bugged her for a bit that I really wanted to see and experience the process.  It was very cool and she even let me do tiny bits so I could feel like I played a bigger role than I did.

I didn’t think to take pictures until the process was nearly complete, but here are a few.

I was surprised at just how fast and easy it was. This first time around (for me) was just four loaves of what we are calling the “basic” whole wheat bread. The plan now is to try a few variations. Dawn has some recipes that include other ingredients and I really like the idea of sesame seed or nuts of some kind baked into the crust.

These four loaves are almost gone after a very short time, so we should be able to start experimenting soon!