2014 Book Goal: 52 (mostly non-fiction)
2014 Books Read: 8 (75% non-fiction)

Eben Alexander, Proof of Heaven,I found Proof of Heaven on the New York Times Bestsellers List and was intrigued by the jacket.  The premise is that Eben Alexander, M.D. – a man of science who had no place in his belief system for religion was transformed into a believer after a near-death experience totally changed his view of this world and the beyond.

Alexander ‘s 180 happened after spending seven days in a coma brought on by a bout of bacterial meningitis.  In this book, he tells of traveling to the other side, meeting his creator and coming back.  The book also emphasizes that recovery after such a long time with his brain being ravaged by infection is very unlikely and should have left him with numerous physical and mental impairments.  Alexander appears to have come through without any lasting damage and able to vividly tell the story of what happened.

While his loved ones sat by his motionless body for a week, he experienced constant insights and a guided tour through another realm that he reports is the afterlife or Heaven.

Whether you believe or not, the book is a good read.  I enjoyed it from a psychological standpoint as the theology is just a fraction of the content.  It is clear, Alexander believes what he has written despite his numerous critics and it is clear that it kept me focus from start to finish.  It is a good read.

It may not be actual proof of Heaven, but it is proof that a good book is hard to put down.