mediafailedwomenIt seems that the word family has become a polarizing one.  It evokes thoughts of the term family values – and that is a major hot button.   The politicians have used that soundbite to death and it immediately makes you think of Republican politics or right-wing Christian.  For that reason, I am not going to use that term, but instead talk about the simple family unit.

I’m sure I’ve lost a lot of people already who labeled this a “Republican rant.”  If you are still here, let me say unequivocally that I am NOT a Republican.  I am NOT a Democrat.  Even Independent has been co-opted into something different than it originally meant.  I am instead someone who uses his own brain, his own beliefs and makes decisions based on what is right for my family, my state, my country and myself.

Yes, I said family first and if you think that family belongs lower on the list… let’s just agree to disagree.  It’s okay that you’re wrong – haha.

The family has been under attack for decades and the frequency and damage is increasing every year.   I am not talking about conspiracy theories… I am talking about the societal cheapening of what it means to be a family.  Pay attention to the messages bombarding us.

Even this video, while pointing out some important issues, doesn’t represent women well at all.  Whether it is TV, movies, print or music, the value of women in our society is constantly being lowered.  How is that for blowing your mind?  Now, you can’t tell which camp I’m in – on one hand, I’ve defending family and the other I’m defending women…  usually, these are opinions from two different groups.

That is the point – the media is trying to convince us to pick a side and ignore what both are doing wrong.

The family IS under attack and the biggest attack on the family isn’t that women aren’t free to flaunt their sexuality… it is that women are objectified and told that to be a strong women, they need to kick their man to the curb, put their kids second and express themselves.

Women have the ultimate power among humans – to give life.  Yeah, our society has cheapened it so that we no longer view birth as an awesome and godlike ability.  We view it as an inconvenience, or similar to picking out a puppy, but it is so much more than that.

It is amazing.  That, combined with the nurturing of a young mind, is something to be revered and held up in the highest regard.  The family unit is designed to honor that and facilitate the next generation of healthy people.

And before you go off on “what about a career woman that doesn’t want babies?” let me assure you, that is fine too.  I am not saying women should be barefoot and pregnant.  It is possible to do both (babies and career.)  Just as it is possible (and optimal) for men to share the responsibility of teaching their children and managing the household.

Pay attention to the media and let me know where you see examples of women as nurturers and partners with their husbands. Sure, there are kick-ass superhero women everywhere… but where are the kind, loving and yes, strong mothers?  THEY are the real heroes and they are non-existent in the media.