Welcome to your VCMO Report

As your virtual Chief Marketing Officer, I bring you the absolute best information about marketing your business.  Sure, you know that you need to be on social media.  You know your customers are there.  So you’re out there – but can’t tell if its working?  Well, here are some things that could be working against you.

Top 4 Things You’re Doing Wrong in Social Media!

Most companies are doing something in social media – posting special on facebook – tweeting out information – or at the very least, you have a profile filled out for your company and haven’t done much else.

  1. Not taking it serious – Ignoring social media as a means to market your business is like ignoring radio and television in the 50’s or ignoring roadside advertising in the 30s & 40s.  You can do it without social media – you can survive – you just can’t really grow.  This IS where your market is spending their free time.  Social Media has surpassed mail campaigns, newspaper, radio and even television in reach. This IS the best way to reach your audience.
  2. Taking it too serious – Having a highly-polished, corporate image in the world of facebook and twitter does make you stand out – as a dweeb.  This medium is not a corporate boardroom.  Social media is even more relaxed than conversations around the water cooler.  Don’t view your social media even as “business casual,”  it is just casual – period.
  3. Not interacting – The real winners in social media are not the folks that are just using it as a mouthpiece, but those who see it as a tool for communicating with existing and potential clients.
  4. Not having a schedule – Out of sight = out of mind.  You must be on your chosen social media outlets regularly.  You must post regularly.  You must interact regularly.  Drive-by social media does not work.  Make the commitment to participate, keep it light and just show the world why your company is made up of real people.
Keep it real!

Chris Doelle