Welcome to your VCMO Report

As your virtual Chief Marketing Officer, I bring you the absolute best information about marketing your business.  If you have an email newsletter it probably bugs you when someone unsubscribes – here is why it should make you happy!

Why you want people to unsubscribe!

If you are not sharing information with your customers and acquaintances then this newsletter will be completely lost on you.  If you are regularly sharing useful information with these folks, then pay attention.

A lot of people judge their email marketing efforts by the wrong criteria.  They look for low unsubscribe rates as some sort of justification that they are being successful.  I like when someone unsubscribes – if the content is not useful for them, then I don’t want to waste their time.  If you find my newsletters useful, stick with and we will share a lot more information – if not, I don’t want to be that guy filling your inbox with stuff you don’t want.

My list is growing quickly because I share real information and don’t try to sell you something every other paragraph.  I just want to share useful information to help you marketing and grow your business.  You’ll note, I don’t pimp out how I can help you – I do pimp out some of my great clients (below) but even that is secondary to giving you quick, actionable information that can improve your business.

I invite you to opt out of this newsletter and strongly recommend you do the same for your list.  The people that stay are why we do it.  If you do not currently receive my Virtual CMO newsletter – I invite you to Opt-in!

Keep it real!

Chris Doelle