Are you thinking BIG enough?

One of the best books I ever read happens to also be one of the smallest ones. The book is called Speedwealth Audio Book (How To Make A Million In Your Own Business In 3 Years Or Less) by T. Harv Eker.  The lesson it drove home was that when you find something that works – do it as much and as fast as you can.  You only get “lightning in a bottle” every once in a great while so if something is working, you better run with it.

The flip side of that lesson is that it takes just as much time to close a BIG deal as it does to close a small one.  So, why not spend your time on the big ones?  For most people, it is a fear that they aren’t worthy of the big deal – rubbish!!  If you have a product or service that offers value to the marketplace, then be proud of it – don’t be afraid to ask for its real value.

If you need help thinking BIG, let me know as it is one of my favorite things to see a friend with a mid-sized dream and then watch as their horizons expand to include all the BIG possibilities.  You deserve the BIG deals!

Keep it real!

Chris Doelle