political objectivism, looters, moochers, This is as much a review of Atlas Shrugged as it is a treatise on Ayn Rand’s philosophies.  For the record, I read Atlas Shrugged before my reading goal started so this will not count toward my 2014 totals.

I had heard about Rand as she relates to politics for years, but never really understood the connection. That was until I read Atlas Shrugged… then it all made sense.  Rand has been the poster girl for Republicans as long as I can remember and it is clear why after reading AS that she was an important player in the role of public policy in this country.

While her beliefs later coalesced into Objectivism, the concepts were rather simple and undeveloped in AS.  More than anything else, Rand (like anyone shouting that their system is the best) takes things too far.  She comes across as a zealot for selfishness and greed.

There are easily 100 things I agree with her on for every 1 or 2 I find distasteful, but the problem is that those couple of things can do more damage than the good created by the 100.  I mean, who can argue with the fact that people should be able to reap the reward of their labors?  But is it an “all or nothing” thing?  Does helping one person who is in need really destroy a system designed to reward the non-looters of the world?

Ignore the silly parts and the extremist fear-mongering but, read it for the good messages hidden amongst the average storyline.

Chris Doelle