If you are like me, you are sick and tired (literally) of all the conflicting opinions of what is good for you and what is a sure road to a quick death.  Eggs were great growing up.  They became little oval heart attack bombs later.  Now, they are healthy again.

Carbohydrates, meats, and even fruits have run the gamut of being labeled as super foods through to being banned as certain death.

What can you believe?  Well, I am not sure I can answer that – but I can tell you what I believe.  I believe that a diet of fresh meat, fruits and vegetables in their seasons and yes, rich in fat is a step in the right direction.  The move to a carbohydrate based diet came about as a cheap way to feed large numbers of people.

What do I believe about gluten-free and lactose intolerance?  Again, I am no scientist and frankly, that wouldn’t help because you can find as many on either side of any argument.  I believe that gluten is becoming a problem in our diet – again, it is due to the sheer volume.   We eat waaay too much processed grains and gluten is actually in a lot more than just our breads.  Gluten inhibits the brains ability to perform some of our most important functions.

The rise of lactose intolerance too has been climbing.  My first impulse was to think it was much ado about nothing.  People are always looking for some sickness or problem to have – this was just the latest.  But, the more I read about things like this and gluten intolerance, the more I am changing my opinion.  These are REAL conditions – there, I said it.

I don’t think it is as simple as we are led to believe, however.  My theory is that the food supply has been stretched to produce more calories with longer shelf lives – THAT is where the problems arise.  All of the production techniques and additives are what our bodies are rebelling against.   Milk isn’t bad.  Bread isn’t bad.  Highly processed and chemically modified versions of these are!

Once again, it goes back to the lessons we were taught by our grandmothers and grandfathers…  real food is where it is at.  Grass fed beef is better for us than grain fed beef.  Whole, unpasteurized milk is better for us than the highly processed stuff we see in bulk at grocery stores.  Homemade whole grain breads (that you grind yourself) is better for you than the stuff that lasts for weeks on the shelf.

Yes, these products expire one heck of a lot quicker.  You have to make bread every week.  You have to use your fresh milk before it turns, but these are small prices to pay for health.