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Welcome to your VCMO Report

As your virtual Chief Marketing Officer, I bring you the absolute best information about marketing your business.  Sure, everyone knows what LinkedIn is now and most everyone knows that it is important – but seriously, it is time to get it actually working for you.  I’m excited to tell you how

☆ Time to get serious about LinkedIn – NOW ☆

LinkedIn is your fast track to making the connections you need.  First, you need to decide which connections you need.  Do you need to meet C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies or perhaps small business owners?  How about stay-at-home moms looking for a side source of income?  Maybe you just want to make a connection with the HR director in the company you’d like to work for – the only limit is your imagination.They are all available via LinkedIn.

To know everything you need to about using LinkedIn to supercharge your business networking, would take far more than can fit in an email, but start with this:

  • LinkedIn is for business – it isn’t for posting pictures of the taco you ate for dinner
  • LinkedIn is to show who you are professionally – highlight your past employment, accomplishments, publications, education, skills and interests
  • Almost anyone on LinkedIn is available via a couple degrees of separation and introductions are expect (You can even get introduced to Kevin Bacon)
  • Dig in – start exploring and filling out your profile.  Check out the groups and see who you know and who you want to know
  • Do NOT accept everyone that sends you an invite – accept them ONLY if there is a reason (increasing your number of connections is not a good reason)

I teach an extremely popular Lunch & Learn series about getting the most out of LinkedIn and am available to share that with you as well as answer any questions you have via a free 1/2 hour phone call.  Take advantage of this by clicking here and grabbing your timeslot.

I cannot stress enough how powerful LinkedIn can be for your business.

Keep it real!
Chris Doelle
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