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☆ Top 4 Sales Strategies for 2014 ☆

marketing, sales, texas, austin, social media, Business is changing faster and faster every year and the sales techniques that worked just a year ago, aren’t as effective now.  What do you need to do to make sure you close sales?  Here are the four most important for 2014:

  1. Slow Down – the days of the fast-talking salesman bowling over a prospect are long gone.  Now, you need to be a servant to the customer and that means moving at their pace.  The old adage “speed kills” certainly applies.
  2. Be a Solution – don’t be a list of features or promote why your product/service is so much better than the competition.  Instead, listen to the customer and find out where they have a need.  If you can offer a solution, you will make the sale AND earn a lifelong customer in the process.  If your product/service is not the solution, FIND the solution for them.  They will come back around to you with their next need.  You want lifetime customers – not just a quick hit.
  3. Be Persistent – that doesn’t mean call every day saying, “will you buy, will you buy, will you buy?”  It means that even if the prospect is not buying anything from you – don’t give up.  You have to build trust in order to earn sales.  That means a client has to know you, and that takes time.
  4. Teach – things are changing fast so you may need to bring them up to speed.  If you take the time to show a prospect a different perspective on how to take advantage of your offering, closing the deal gets much easier.

Share this handy infographic with your sales team.  It makes a great training tool and conversation starter!

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