I’ve never been one of those people that walks around looking at the negatives of life. While I didn’t really understand gratitude growing up, I just was never sad. Sure, there were times that I felt bad, but overall I’ve been a pretty happy guy.

It is only in the last decade that I have come to associate that happiness with gratitude. Understanding that I have an amazing life and being grateful for it took me from a just a happy doof to a gratefully happy person.

I saw this video the other day and all I kept thinking about was how this horrific event changed this boy’s life to one of gratitude.

Part I

Part II

This is just one story out of the billions out there, but it is an eye-opener when it comes to gratitude. Take a second to just think about all the amazing things you have in your life. The next time you are angry at the world for your circumstances… stop and focus on what you DO have. It sounds like a simple platitude, but when you think about how quickly your life can become REALLY bad, it just may help.

Chris Doelle