2014 Book Goal: 52 (mostly non-fiction)
2014 Books Read: 19 (79% non-fiction)

Service, marcus luttrellThe book, Service: A Navy SEAL at War is the second book by Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor author, Marcus Luttrell and I have to tell you, it was every bit as good.

In this, Luttrell quickly retells the Operation Redwing story but the focus of the book is not on war stories, but a tribute to those who serve.  He goes on to tell stories of other SEALS, Special Forces and enlisted men.  Throughout he gives examples of folks who have put others ahead of themselves and often paid the ultimate cost for their selflessness.

I had this one in audiobook and spent a couple of weeks listening to it while driving to school and/or seminary with my boys.  I think the message is a strong one that more people need to hear these days.  I trust that some of it sunk in.

While I am not in any rush to have the boys enlist and go to war, and will be proud of them regardless of the path they choose – I hope that service continues to play a large role in their lives.  As I said, it doesn’t have to be with a machine gun.  It can be serving the needs of people in their community… serving the needs of their family… seeing a need and not shying away from stepping up to help.

I think the real power of this book is that it takes something that is exciting and interesting to young men (war, guns, explosions) and wraps them in such an important topic.  It is a very good read.

by Chris Doelle