Welcome to your VCMO Report

As your virtual Chief Marketing Officer, I bring you the absolute best information about marketing your business.  Are you on Instagram?  Should you be?  Is it another social media rabbit hole to be lost down?

☆ Instagram – should you use it? ☆

Instagram-Logo-1Instagram is simply a photo sharing service.  What has made it really take off is the simplicity and recent tie-in with Facebook.  You can quickly snap a picture and post it – no real learning curve.
You should use Instagram if:

  1. Your product or service is visual (flowers, gifts, shoes, landscaping etc… basically anything other than crunching numbers or filing paper… although those can be made visual)
  2. Your target audience is under the age 40 (although the 40+ group is jumping on board faster than any other segment right now – the sweet spot right now is 20-30)
  3. You like taking photographs (it is a MUST.  You don’t have to take award-winning shots, but you do need to take pictures…. often)

This is one of the many sites that teenagers are flocking to.  Yes, they are abandoning Facebook as their parents and grandparents take over there.  Instagram will follow eventually, but it is still where the “cool kids” hang out.

Keep it real!

Chris Doelle
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