Welcome to your VCMO Report

As your virtual Chief Marketing Officer, I bring you the absolute best information about marketing your business.  You have probably heard about the new Heartbleed virus – if you haven’t pay attention, this one is important.

☆ Heartbleed Virus… what you must do now ☆

Heartbleed is a very nasty virus that spread all over the internet and has hacked your passwords on a lot of important sites.  We are talking Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Intuit and dozens more!  Long story short, this breach will give access to just about anyone to all the data stored on those sites.

Here are the things you MUST do right now to lower your chance of identity theft or worse:

  1. Change the passwords on as many sites as you can – all of them.  Doing most important first and working down though, you should get all the real important sites (bank account, email, social media, dropbox etc.) in just a few minutes.  Don’t worry about sites that don’t have any useful data.
  2. Implement the 2-step signing process if available (sites like Gmail now have that feature when you create a new password.)
  3. Never use the same password twice.  I know it is easier and we all do it, but it makes a hack like this much more dangerous when we do.
  4. Take it serious!  I don’t get on here and blow smoke about the hundreds of “risks” that face our personal and business lives every day, but I did this time because it is serious!
If you need assistance, feel free to shoot me an email and I will be happy to answer any questions.
Keep it real!
Chris Doelle
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